The Kärlich pit, situated in the Neuwied Basin (Middle Rhine area, Germany) exposes at the base Tertiairy clay with on top Quaternary (mainly Lower and Middle Pleistocene) deposits. Fossil mammalian remains are found in several levels. Level Kärlich G is particulary rich: the smaller mammal fauna from Kärlich G contains 23 taxa: 5 Insectivora, 1 Lagomorpha and 17 Rodentia. The fauna association reflects moisty conditions in an open area with patches of forest. The presence of species with a preference for forested habitats indicates that we are dealing with an interglacial fauna. The Kärlich G fauna can be correlated with Interglacial IV (or III) of the Cromer complex. A comparison with the Cromerian IV fauna Miesenheim I shows that the faunas differ mainly in their ecology. There are no indications for a large difference in age.