In the Province of Noord-Brabant (NL) many fossil bones were found and stored. Any time, when the earth is opened up, for exemple to work sand and gravel, or in a deep excavation, there is a chance to find a specimen of fossil bone. The most recent review of prehistoric bones from this Province was published almost half a century ago. Now it is time to make an actual review of prehistoric animal species and places where their remains are found. Junction published data and some (museum- or private) collections have made this review. More than a hundred animal species left their traces in the soil of Noord-Brabant. Mostly the remains are from mammals, but also birds, reptiles, amphibians and fishes are found. De animal species are placed in a framework of six periods: 1. the Miocene, 2. the Pliocene, 3. the Early Pleistocene, 4. the Middle Pleistocene. 5. the Late Pleistocene and 6. the Early Holocene on to the Roman period.