Remains of ice age mammals have since long been found throughout Siberia and Europe. Despite the overwhelming amount of fossil material, the interpretation of the material regarding the ecosystem, from the earliest idea of an iceworld to the most recent theory of the so-called mammoth steppe, has still not yielded a clear and unambiguous picture. In this paper, a coherent faunal list is presented, based on fossil material from the Late Pleistocene, collected at a wet sandpit nearby Losser, province of Overijssel. The faunal list consists of thirty vertebrate species: three fish species, eleven bird species and sixteen mammal species. This faunal list is combined with a floral reconstruction based on the paleobotanical remains from Orvelte, province of Drenthe to be able to reconstruct an ecosystem of the Late Pleistocene. The picture that arises is that of a river surrounded by rather dry, grassy plains with a diverse flora and fauna.