During a holiday on Java, the author acquired the skull of a fossil pig ( Sus brachygnatus) on a flee market. This was the start to a visit to the classical site Sangiran (Early Pleistocene). At the parking place of the museum of Sangiran further fossil bones and jaw fragments were bought. The visit to the sites resulted in even more fossils. Back in The Netherlands, he determined his 45 fossil specimens in Naturalis. The collection comprises, in addition to the pig, waterbuffalo ( Bubalus palaeokerabau), a larger bovid, an elephant (Stegodon trigonocephalus), three deer species ( Rusa sp., Cervus lydekkeri, Muntiacus muntjac), an antilope ( Duboisia santeng), hippopotamus ( Hexaprotodon sivalensis), tapir ( Tapirus indicus), a turtle ( Trionyx trinilensis), a crocodile ( Crocodylus ossifragis) and a shark (Carcharias gangeticus).