The author gives a survey of the taxa belonging to Festuca ovina L., s.l. and F. rubra L., s.l. as they occur in the Netherlands. Four species are distinguished, viz. F. ovina L., F. trachyphylla (Hack.) Kraj., F. heterophylla Lamk., and F. rubra L. F. ovina L. is represented by 3 subspecies, subsp. tenuifolia (Sibth.) Čelak., subsp. ovina, and subsp. cinerea (Vill.) Duyfjes, nov. comb.; F. rubra L. can be subdivided into 2 subspecies, subsp. rubra and subsp. juncifolia (St. Am.) R. Lit. Of these taxa F. heterophylla is most probably introduced with grass-seeds; the others are native.