Acquisitions to the adventitious flora of the Netherlands, mainly found in 1965. 1. Vicia pseudocracca Bertol., a native of the Mediterranean region, was found on a railway-yard in the harbour of Rotterdam. 2. Verbascum macrocarpum Boiss., from S.W. Asia, occurred as a weed in a garden at Oude Pekela, prov. Groningen, most probably introduced with seeds for the kitchen-garden. 3. Linaria origanifolia (L.) DC., a native of the western part of the Mediterranean region, was found as an alien in the dunes near Oostvoorne, prov. S. Holland. 4. Scrophularia peregrina L., a native of the same region, was found along a roadside near Leiden. 5. Picris sprengeriana (L.) Poir., also from the Mediterranean region, occurred on a railway-yard in Rotterdam-harbour. 6. Eragrostis multicaulis Steud. from eastern Asia was found under similar circumstances as no. 5. It was growing there in abundance. 7. In the same locality two specimens of the E. African Beckeropsis cf. petiolaris (Hochst.) Fig. & De Not. were found. 8. A number of plants escaped from cultivation are enumerated.