The author treats Pulegium Mill, as a good genus. For the separation of Pulegium from Mentha, he uses, besides the well-known differences in calyx and corolla, a new character, namely that the anterior stamens are curved towards the upper lip and, together with the posterior ones, ascend under this lip, whereas in Mentha all stamens are straight and diverge from their base. On the ground of this character, already used by BRIQUET (1897, p. 208) as being of primary importance Pulegium is related more to genera as Satureja, Micromeria, Melissa, etc., than to Mentha s.s. The genus Pulegium contains 2 or 3 species, the wide-spread P. vulgare Mill., the Corsican P. parviflorum (Req.) G. Sampaio, and perhaps also the Algerian Mentha gattefossei Maire.