Various vegetative and floral characters of plants from 21 local populations of Veronica hederifolia L. s.l. (9 tetraploid: 2n=36; 12 hexaploid: 2n=54) were employed to separate the tetraploid and hexaploid cytodemes. All populations studied originated from the Wadden Island of Texel. The cytodemes differ in a number of well correlated characters. There is a clear cause for giving these taxa specific rather than subspecific rank and the tetraploid Veronica sublobata Fisch. is recognized next to the hexaploid species Veronica hederifolia L. s.s. The habitat differences are not clear on the island of Texel. The tetraploid is usually, but not always, found in more sheltered and shaded localities (more or less a ‘forest-form’), the hexaploid occurs both in shaded localities and in disturbed open localities, but is not characteristically a ‘field-form’.