This paper describes the floristic composition, structure and habitat of the Brachypodio-Sieglingietum, a plant community belonging to the alliance Violion caninae, class Nardo-Callunetea. This plant community occurs on gravel deposits overlying chalk. The average pH of the upper soil layer, o – 10 cm, is 4,5. This plant community consists both of plants which are mostly met with in chalk grassland as well as plants from heathlands. The community is found on the slopes of the valleys of the river Maas and its tributaries in the neighbourhood of Maastricht. Formerly the Brachypodio-Sieglingietum was grazed by sheep. It has decreased considerably during the last decades and only a few communities remain. The description given in this paper concerns the only extensive area of this plant community on the Bemelerberg in the southern part of the province of Limburg.