In the list of new records of rare species the categories ‘adventitious species’ and ‘species escaped from cultivation’ are no longer kept separate from the Dutch species. Species which are purposedly introduced as seeds (for oil or birds) or fruit (for human consumption) are no longer regarded as adventitious and are not mentioned any more in the list. Only true adventitious species are mentioned when at least ten localities are known within the last 15 years. The same holds true for species escaped from cultivation. Interesting new records are mentioned of Lycopodium tristachyum and L. annotinum, of various ferns in the IJsselmeerpolders, of Herminium monorchis. Orchis morio and Schoenus nigricans; Apium repens is not yet extinct; new records of Eriophorum gracile, Campanula glomerata and Viola persicifolia are mentioned; and Carex lepidocarpa, once found in 1912, has been rediscovered.