Quite a number of new records are the results of the improving floristic knowledge, for instance the new records of Carex buxbaumii and other Carex species, of Alchemilla species etc. On the other hand many new records may be due to flora falsification; it is uncertain, for instance, whether the six new records of Trientalis europaea are (all) natural. The list contains many new records of rare plants from railways, due to specialized inventory work; interesting discoveries are Alyssum alyssoides, Apera interrupta, Herniaria hirsuta, Hippocrepis comosa, and Linaria supina. Poa chaixii has been discovered on a new locality which possibly is an outpost of the natural area. The list also contains some species which might be included in a future edition of the Standard List of the Dutch flora: Asplenium septentrionale, Chenopodium botrys, Lathyrus hirsutus, Lythrum hyssopifolia, Polygonum oxyspermum and Vicia lutea. Another four taxa that were assumed to be extinct have been rediscovered: Arabis hirsuta subsp. sagittata, Carex laevigata, Chenopodium vulvaria, and Sesleria caerulea. The presence of Salicornia pusilla could be demonstrated, old and recent.