A review is given of the (sub)species of the family Clausiliidae (with the exception of the genus Albinaria) living in Turkey. For every taxon, a complete list of synonyms is given, as well as references to literature containing descriptions or illustrations. Besides a list of published localities, an enumeration of the samples collected by H.P.M.G. Menkhorst during his extensive collecting trips in Turkey is given. The Turkish distribution of 65 of the reported 70 (sub)species is depicted on maps; from 21 species also the shell is figured. The paper should serve as a base for future studies on Turkish Clausiliidae (e.g. descriptions of new taxa).

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CC BY 3.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding")

Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam

R.A. Bank, & H.P.M.G. Menkhorst. (1994). Katalog der rezenten Clausiliidae (exkl. Gattung Albinaria) der Türkei (Gastropoda, Pulmonata). Deinsea, 1(1), 85–123.