The present paper deals with four fossil faunas that were discovered in the Citarum area, West Java, Indonesia, and with their ages. (1) The fauna from Banuraja, west of Batujajar contains a Sus sp., a Bovid sp., a Rusa sp., a Stegodon/ Elephas sp., Panthera tigris, Duboisia santeng and Manis palaeoja - vanica. The presence of Manis palaeojavanica indicates a Kedung Brubus fauna, in the sense of De Vos & Sondaar (1982), with has an age of about 800.000 years (Leinders et al. 1985). (2) The Cipatik/Cililin contains a fossil fish, probably Cyprinis carpio. The age of this fauna is possibly Pleistocene. (3) From the site Ciharuman a fossil snake, probably Python reticulatus, is reported. Radiocarbon C14 dating suggests an age of 29.6 to 42.3 kyr for this fauna. (4) The fauna from Cipeundeuy consists of Elephas maxi - m u s, cf. Rhinoceros sondaicus, a bovid sp. and Rusa sp. From this site the first occurrence of Elephas maximus is described. Samples from above and below the fossil bearing layer in Cipeundeuy give an age of 42,360 ±1925 and 36,390 ±2500 years.

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Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam

F. Aziz, & J. de Vos. (1999). The fossil faunas from the Citarum area, West Java, Indonesia. Deinsea, 7(1), 21–32.