Bone remains of Late Pleistocene lynx (Lynx lynx) from the Kostenki 21 site (Voronezh Region, Russia) have been investigated. Afragment of the right mandible with p3, p4, m1 was studied in detail. Ac o mparison with recent lynxes of Eurasia and also with Pleistocene and Villafranchian lynxes was made. Tables of measurements are given. The lynx from Kostenki 21 was a large animal and had sizes and proportions of its lower teeth similar to those typical of recent Lynx lynx from Siberia and Northern Europe. At the same time the weakly expressed metaconid - talonid complex on m1 makes it more similar to the Late Pleistocene lynxes from Western and Central Europe and also to recent forms of Lynx lynx from Central Asia.