The fossiliferous site of Marathoussa (Mygdonia basin, Macedonia, Greece) is located in the Platanochori Formation, which consists mainly of lacustrine sediments. The site includes one level with micromammals and several levels with fresh-water mollusks. The micromammalian fauna contains several species of insectivores and rodents. The faunal elements suggest an early Pleistocene age. Detailed morphological and metrical comparisons of the arvicolids allow the dating of the fauna to the early Biharian and, more precisely, to the Betfia Phase.

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CC BY 3.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding")

Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam

G.D. Koufos, K.V. Vassiliadou, K.K. Koliadimou, & G.E. Syrides. (2001). Early Pleistocene small mammals from Marathoussa, a new locality in the Mygdonia basin, Macedonia, Greece. Deinsea, 8(1), 49–102.