This paper gives an update of the ongoing study on the (breeding) biology of the Moluccan megapode (Eulipoa wallacei) on the Tanjung Maleo nesting grounds of Haruku Island, Moluccas, Indonesia. New data on the numbers of harvested eggs and fledged chicks, the weights of eggs (in relation to the moon phase) and predation are presented. The harvest year 1997/1998 showed a sudden decrease in egg numbers, probably caused by severe drought (El Niño). Local unrest that disrupted the social life on Haruku, strongly influenced the activities of the egg collectors. In most of the 1999/2000 harvest year, no systematic egg collecting took place and in 2000/2001 eggs were collected less intensively. Hence, more chicks fledged. Social unrest also caused an increase of the predation by the wild pig (Sus scrofa) at the nesting grounds.

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CC BY 3.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding")

Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam

C.J. Heij. (2001). The biology of the Moluccan megapode Eulipoa wallacei (Aves, Galliformes, Megapodiidae) on Haruku and other Moluccan Islands; part 3: update of data until 2001. Deinsea, 8(1), 229–242.