A few years ago I was struck by the mention in Raunkiaer’s Dansk Ekskursionsflora (1942), of Aphanes microcarpa (Boiss. et Rent.) Rothm. (= Alchemilla microcarpa Boiss. et Reut.) as occurring in Denmark, whilst in Ascherson and Graebner, Synopsis VI (1900—1905) only Spain is mentioned. Raunkiaer’s publication led me to think of the possibility of the occurrence of this species, which strongly resembles Aphanes arvensis L, in the Netherlands too. It was not until early in 1950, when I came across the statement in S. M. Walters’ article on the occurrence of A. microcarpa in Britain, in Watsonia (Vol.I., Part III, 1949), that this species shows a preference for acid soils, that I was induced to go further into the matter. The first corn-fields I investigated, situated on the edge of the Wychen fen, yielded it, and in the next few weeks it was copiously collected in several localities in the vicinity of Nimeguen, so that it did not seem unjustified to presume that it would occur rather frequently in the Netherlands. A short summary of the history of the species may be inserted here. It was first distinguished by Boissier and Reuter (in Diagn. pi. nov. hisp.) in 1842, and described from Spanish specimens. In 1935 Rothmaler (lit. 1) mentions it from Italy, Algeria, Morocco, Southern France, Spain, Portugal, Madeira, the Canaries, and the Azores, and from a separate area around Constantinople. In addition it is stated to occur in the Eastern United States.