The generic name Bucklandia R.Br. has mostly been cited ex Wall. Cat. (1830) no 7414. However, this is a nomen nudum which was validated ex Griff, (in As. Res. 19, 1, 1836, p. 94, t. 13—14). However, the same name had been given in honour of the same person (William Buckland, an eminent British geologist) already in 1825 by Presl in Sternberg’s folio book “Versuch einer geognostischbotanischen Darstellung der Flora der Vorwelt” which (acc. to the title page) consists of four parts, with a principally German text. The Leyden copy contains next to that a Latin-paged part covering xlii pages + index in which many new genera and species of fossil plants have been described manifestly edited separately and bearing the title “Tentamen florae primordialis”. This part is mentioned by Pritzel (p. 306a) to belong to this work. In palaeobotanical literature it is apparently ascribed to Presl, and the appertaining novelties are provided with the author’s name “Presl in Sternb.” The introduction of this Latin descriptive part is dated “Pragae 27. Aprilis 1825”, and it is generally accepted to have appeared in 1825. This is corroborated by a note in Flora (Bot. Zeit.) 1825, Bd II, Beil. 3, p. 33—35.