In 1949 the author noticed S. virgaurea with the spreading part of the ray flowers, the so called rays, “split” into narrow lobes (Plate 27 B; a normal individual is illustrated in Plate 27 A). The observation was first made on a plant, that had settled with some normal ones into a flower box; it seems probable that the plants have been brought there as “seeds” among the soil rests from a cleaned collecting container. Having thus become acquainted with the modified plant, similar individuals could be collected in nature; (Baarn, province of Utrecht; on the slopes along a railway, September 1949, specimens in herb. pr.). An examination of the abnormal flower structures provides the distinction of two groups, as a result of the floral organization of S. virgaurea, there being two types of flowers in the head: the outer zygomorphic, female ray flowers and the inner actinomorphic, perfect disk flowers.