The genus Callitriche is usually subdivided into two sections, Eu- Callitriche and Pseudo-Callitriche. This division is justified by the obvious differences between the two groups. The representatives of the section Pseudo-Callitriche are always totally submerged, and so the floating rosettes found in the aquatic forms of the species belonging to the section Eu-callitriche, are missing. As no landforms occur, the species of Pseudo-Callitriche do not show in their leaves the great polymorphism that we find in the other section. The leaves are always fairly uniform, very thin, and of a transparent, clear green, which gives the plants a somewhat Elodea-like appearance. The flowers have no membranous prophylla. To the section of Pseudo-Callitriche belong two species: C. hermaphroditica Jusl. and C. truncata Cuss.