In this paper the results of some palynological investigations of peat deposits in south-eastern Drenthe will be discussed. The location of the profiles to be discussed is indicated on the map of Fig. 1. This map, which is a slightly modified copy of the Geological Map (No. 17, sheets 2 and 4, No. 18, 2 and 4), gives a survey of the soils in the Emmen district. Peat formation took place chiefly in the Hunze Urstromtal, which to the west is bordered by the Hondsrug, a chain of low hills. It may be noted that the greater part of the raised bog has now vanished on account of peat cutting. In the eastern part of the Hondsrug fairly fertile boulder clay reaches the surface, whereas more to the west in general the boulder clay is covered by a more or less thick deposit of cover sand. Fluvio-glacial deposits are exposed on the eastern slope of the Hondsrug.