After three years of continued botanical study of the flora in the nature reserve of Tjibodas, Mt. Gedc, W. Java it appeared technically possible to make a total inventary of a homogenous part of the mountain forest at about 1500 m. altitude in which all trees with diameters above 10 cm at breathheight were named and counted. It appeared that such an intensive study of a relative small part of the forest of Mt Gede comprises the bulk (about three quarter) of the flora of the montane region (1400-1700 m. alt.). The higher layers of the forest are chiefly composed by oaks, chestnuts, Altingia and Schima while' especially Lauraceae and species of Eugenia come to the fore in the lower storeys. Half of the tree species represented in the sample plot occurred only once. About 13 tree species were only found in juvenile state. The more common species are represented by younger stages in all size (age) classes. Some species show local gatherings which possibly depend on their way of distribution. The total inventary of the flora on one hectare comprises about 333 species of phanerogams and ferns, including 78 species of trees. 40 species of shrubs, 73 species of soil herbs and about 100 species of epiphytes. The latter groups especially reflect the montane character of this forest and among the soil herbs occur species which might be considered as indicators of the fertility. The study must be considered as a first attempt to apply modern methods of plantsociological analysis in the mountain forests of Java.