With a few exceptions this series of “Floristische Notitics” contains additions to the flora of the Netherlands from the years 1957 and 1958. It consists of the following notes: 59. Equisetum trachyodon A. Br., found for the first time in the Netherlands near Asperen (Gelderland) on marshy soil along the river Linge. Du Morticr mentioned this species already for our country in 1825, but his specimens, in the herbarium at Brussels, appeared to belong to E. hyemale L. var. schleicheri Milde. Differences between E. trachyodon and E. variegalum Schleich. ex. Web. & Mohr mainly as to the shape of the teeth of the sheaths and between E. trachyodon and E. hyemale L. as to the anatomical structure of the stem are mentioned and illustrated. 60, 61, 63, 65, and 66. Caylusea abyssinica (Fresen.) Fisch & Mey., Omithopus compressus L. var. leiocarpus Eig, Ajuga pyramidalis L., Agoseris grandiflora (Nutt.) Greene, and Danlhonia racemosa R. Br. First records of these aliens for the Netherlands, the last one near wool factories at Helmond and Tilburg. 62. A hybrid between the native Linaria vulgaris Mill, and the advcntive L. repens (L.) Mill, was found near Arnhem, with the putative parents. 64. Two forms of Liguslrum vulgare L., one with green fruits (f. chlorocarpum) and the other with yellow ones (f. xanthocarpum). Both found in the dunes, the former near Westenschouwen (Zeeland), the latter near Rockanje (Zuid-Holland). 67. A number of plants escaped from cultivation.