By the application of potassium triiodide to dry sections of seeds amyloid was observed in the cell-walls either of the cotyledons or of the endosperm of the following plants; 1. All genera of the tribes Cynometreae- Amherstieae Sclerolobieae of the Leguminosae- Caesalpinioideae with the exception of two groups of genera (Table n and in); in the other tribes of this subfamily no amyloid was found (Table iv). 2. All investigated species of the Primulales, the Anonaceae, Limnanthaceae, Melianthaceae, Pedaliaceae Thunbergiaceae and Tropaeolaceae (Table v). 3. A number of species of Balsaminaceae, Acanthaceae, Leguminosae-Papilionatae, Linaceae, Ranunculaceae, Sapindaceae and Sapotaceae (Table v).