Eleven species of Taraxacum and one subspecies are described. For nomenclatoral reason two species have changed in name. Sect.?; T. iranicum v.S. Sect.?: T. rechingeri v.S. Sect. Macrocornuta v.S. nov. sect, (typus: T. wallichii De C.), including T. monochlamydeum H.M. em Hagh, T. neo-lobulatum v.S. nov. nom. ( T. lobulatum Dahlst., non Brenner) and new; T. afghanicum v.S. Sect.?; T. neo-kurdicum v.S. nov. nom. (T. kurdicum Hagh, non H.M. ex NabSlek). Sect. Eu-Erythrocarpa Dahlst. em. v.S.; a number of species with non-reddish achenes are joined to this group: T. fedtschenkoi H.M., T. protractifolium Hagh, T. pseudo-nigricans H.M. sens, strict.; new species are added: T. aellenii v.S., T. pseudo-calocephalum v.S., T. pseudo-dissimile v.S., T. purpurei-petiolatum v.S., T. spinulosum v.S. with ssp. calocephaloides v.S. Sect. Erythrosperma Dahlst. em. Lindb. f.: T. persicum v.S. Sect. Spuria De C.: T. koelzii v.S., T. neo-spurium v.S.