Many publications appear about the effects of kinetin on plant processes (Miller, 1961). At this place the effect of kinetin on the in vitro growth of embryos of Capsella bursa-pastoris is communicated. The present work is part of an extensive investigation into the effects of growth substances in general on this kind of growth. We used the experimental procedure introduced by Rijven {1952). The basal medium was equal to that published in our previous report (Veen, 1961). First of all we tested the activity of kinetin on torpedo-shaped embryos (300 /x-700 /x). Added in high concentrations (io~5-to-6 gr/ml), kinetin inhibits strongly the growth. After a few days already, necrosis of the root-meristem initiates. At lower concentrations (io~8-io~9 gr/ml), kinetin does not affect the growth-rate, but its necrotic action is still present.