The genus Paronychia is very well represented in Turkey. Most of the species are, however, endemics having a somewhat restricted range of distribution. One such endemic and rather rare species occurs in the vicinity of Gaziantep in south-eastern Turkey. It is a very distinct species, possessing very short and densely tufted stems with closely imbricated, small, linear-oblong, fleshy leaves which are slightly shorter than the stipules, rather small terminal glomerules, small flowers (c. 1.5-2 mm) having suboblong, obtuse or subotuse, erect, subequal and fleshy sepals, Hitherto it has been referred to as P. imbricata Boiss. et Hausskn., but this name is a later homonym, and hence inadmissible under article 64 of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature, since it had already been used by H. C. L. Reichenbach, in 1832, for a different species of this genus. A new name is, therefore, proposed for this species.