Excised parts of the stalk of young inflorescences of Yucca flaccida Haw. were placed with one end in a solution of either fructose-14C(U) or glucose-14C(U). The phloem exudate collected from the opposite ends of the stalk parts always contained sucrose as the major 14C-labelled component, while 14C-hexoses could not be detected in it.

Acta botanica neerlandica

CC BY 3.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding")

Koninklijke Nederlandse Botanische Vereniging

P.M.L. Tammes, C.R. Vonk, & J. van Die. (1967). Studies on phloem exudation from Yucca Flaccida Haw. VI. The formation of exudate-sucrose from supplied hexoses in excised inflorescence parts. Acta botanica neerlandica, 16(6), 244–246.