D. van Nostrand Inc., Princetown, New Yersey 1967. Size 16 x 24 cm, 354 pages, £ 5/-/-. For a good survey in the field of physiological plant pathology we probably have to go back as far as 1958 and 1960 when the „Golden Jubilee Volume” and ..Plant Pathology” by Horsfall and Dimond were published respectively. In addition, in 1967 two studies appeared in which a comprehensive treatise on the physiology of infectious disease is given. Wood’s ..Physiological plant pathology” appeared in ..Botanical Monographs.” Goodman, Kiraly and Zaitlin weighed in with ..The biochemistry and physiology of infectious plant disease” It is a fine book. It gives a lot of well-presented information. The material referred to is kept up to date as far as 1966. Its form, however, leads almost unavoidably to a certain amount of ambiguity and inconsistency. The book is divided in nine chapters covering the infection process (chapter I); photosynthesis (2); respiration (3); cell-wall composition and metabolism (4); nitrogen- (5), phenol- (6) and growth regulator-metabolism (7); vascular transport (8) and toxins (9). Each of the chapters 2 inclusive 8 is subdivided in a section in which the physiological processes in the healthy plant are discussed, three sections in which, successively, the consequences of fungal, viral and bacterial infection are treated and a final section, an analyzing and summarizing part. The introductory coverage of the physiological processes in healthy plants might have given very adequate and advantageous information in connection with the following three sections in each chapter. In their book, however, only few cross-references between the different sections have been made and in some cases in the pest sections general systems have been treated a second time without even mentioning the fact that the same subject has been done adequately already in the first section (for instance pages 99 and 77). If indeed as they mention in the preface it was only „the intent of the authors to set before both students and scientists in the field recent information concerning some key biochemical and physiological processes that occur in the healthy plant”, without any linkage with the following sections then they have reached their aim. In this case a book on plant physiology seems more obvious.