During recent work on Polygalaceae for the Flora Malesiana it appeared that a fairly old collection, made in West New Guinea, distributed as Securidaca, belongs to the Bredemeyera-Comesperma complex, a lineage which has a peculiar trans-Pacific disjunction, true Bredemeyera from the Caribbean to Peru and Chile, mainly tropical, and Comesperma in Australia and Tasmania. Bredemeyera contains herbaceous species, half-shrubs and sprawling or climbing shrubs. Chodat whom we owe a rather detailed subdivision in the first edition of the Pflanzenfamilien (vol. 3, 4, 1896, 337-338) reduced to it Catacoma Bth., Hualania Philippi, and Comesperma Labill., distinguishing three sections, and within sect. Comesperma three subsections, one of the latter with 4 series.