Among the material from West Africa, often identified as or confused with Dichapetalum cymulosum (Oliv.) Engl., there proved to be two new species of Dichapetalum which are described here for the first time. These species are indeed close relatives of D. cymulosum, but have a more Western distribution, mainly Ivory Coast. D. cymulosum, however, is in West Africa only known from the type locality (Nigeria, Cameroons R.), but proved to be very common in the Kribi area in Cameroun, where it has been collected several times recently by Bos and Breteler. The specimens collected in Gabon by G. Le Testu (no’s 2081; 2106; 6060) doubtfully belong to this taxon. Fruiting specimens from this area are needed to prove the true identity of this material. Also described is a new species of Tapura, which brings the number of African species of this mainly Tropical American genus to seven.