Among the Gesneriaceae collected by Dr. Julian A. Steyermark in Venezuela in the state Carabobo there was a remarkable species of Napeanthus of which he collected incomplete material for the first time in 1966. Not until 1970 did he have the opportunity to revisit this locality and collect plants with complete flowers. The species is characterized by its large spathulate leaves. In the key of the revision of the genus (Act. Bot. Need. 7:342.1958) it could be inserted after no. 2 as follows: 2a. Leaves distinctly spathulate, large, 23-38 cm long, upper portion of blade abruptly narrowed into the narrow lower portion which resembles a petiole N. spathulatus Leaves oblong to almost linear or almost spathulate, but never abruptly narrowed, less than 30 cm long 3