Four species of Akanthomyces, collected on various arthropod hosts in Ghana, are described and illustrated. Akanthomyces gracilis Samson & Evans spec. nov. appeared to occur on a wide variety of insect hosts and is particularly common on ants. ikanthomyces pistillariaeformis (Pat.) Samson & Evans comb. nov. (= Isaria pistillariaeformis Pat.) is often found on moths together with Cordyceps tuberculata. The variability in synnematous habit and the associated Cordyceps tuberculata is discussed. Akanthomyces arachnophilus (Petch) Samson & Evans comb. nov. (= Trichosterigma arachnophilum Petch) was collected twice on spiders together with Torrubiella flava Fetch. A. aranearum (Petch) Mains is rather common on spiders.