Observations are presented on the morphology and life histories of Chromastrum kylinoides (Feldm.) comb, nov., Kylinia rosulata Rosenv., and Audouinella pectinata (Kylin) Papenfuss. Each species shows an alternation of dissimilar generations. Although in earlier publications C. kylinoides and K. rosulata have been confused, and A. pectinata has been considered conspecific with K. rosulata, it is concluded in the present study that the species are quite different and should be assigned to separate genera. The tetrasporophyte of i C. kylinoides is Chromastrum reductum (Rosenv.) comb. nov.. The tetrasporophyte of K. rosulata was inden tilled as Acrochaetium strictum (Rosenv.) Hamel. The gametophyte of A. pectinata appears not to have been described as a separate entity from the European coast. A critical evaluation of life histories in the Acrochaetiaceae is supposed to alter the current classifications of the species in this family of red algae.