In the dry Calluna-Mollinia heathland vegetation of the nature reserve Huis ter Heide (Dr.) are situated a number of depressions filled up with peat. In these depressions Sphagnum rubellum and S. magellanicum are locally abundant (Sum 1979). Five types of peat-bog vegetation could be discerned in hollows and six types on hummocks. Floristic similarities between these types seemed to justify the combination of the separate vegetation tables into a single one comprising five types of vegetation with a hollows- and a hummockvariant, whilst one, the Leucobryum-Parmelia physodes-type ; was confined to the hummocks. The Sphagnum cuspidatum-Oxycoccus macrocarpos-type ; belongs to the Scheuchzerietalia. The remaining types represent vegetations intermediate between the Ericelum tetralicis and the Sphagnelalia magellanici. The Sphagnum rubellum-S. tenellum-type corresponds to the Empetro-Sphagnetum rubelli. the others resemble more the Erico-Sphagnetum magellanici. However the Dicranum scopanum- Lophozia ventricosa-type ; seems to be intermediate between these two types.