From 1978 to and including 1980 the author studied Dutch pastures inundated in winter and spring. The ecology and taxonomy of the following communities are described in this paper: Class: Plantaginelea majoris R. Tiixen and Freising 1950 Order: Agrostietalia stoloniferae Oberdorfer, Muller and Gors 1967 Alliance: Lolio-Potentillion anserinae Tiixen 1947 Ranunculo-Alopecuretum geniculati Tiixen 1937 Subassociations: typicum subass.nov, rorippetosum sylvestris subass.nov. equisetetosum palustris subass.nov. Nasturtio-Alopecuretum geniculati ass.nov. Triglochino-Agrostietum stoloniferae Konczak 1968 Subassociations: ranunculetosum repentis subass.nov. juncelosum gerardii subass.nov. inops subass.nov Agroslio-Trifolietum fragiferi ass.nov. Subassociations: typicum subass.nov. festucetosum rubrae subass.nov. inops subass.nov. Derivate community of Festuca arundinacea-[Lolio-Potentillion] Basal community of Agrostis stolonifera-[Lolio-Potenlillion] Community of Scirpus maritimus and Alopecurus geniculatus Class: Asterelea tripolii Westhoff and Beeftink 1962 Order: Glauco-Puccinellietalia Beeftink and Westhoff 1962 Alliance: Armerion maritimae Braun-Blanquet and De Leeuw 1936 Ononido-Caricetum distantis Runge 1966 Juncetum maritimi Bilik 1956 Besides some comments are made on the Alopecurus arundinaceus community, observed in Sweden, which is unclear syntaxonomically. The relation of these communities to one another and to the two major environmental factors – salt influence and the position of the ground-water level during the growing season – are discussed on the basis of an ordination diagram.