A survey of benthic Chrysophyceans from a moorland near Staverden. The Netherlands including the description of two new taxa, viz., Chrysoamphitrema nygaardii spec. nov. and Lagynion macrotrachelum (Stokes) Pascher var. oedotrachelum var. nov. (Stylococcaceae, Rhizochrysidales) and a discussion of species not previously recorded from The Netherlands, viz., Chrysothecopsis cf epiphytica (Scherffel) Conrad, C. cf scherffelii (Pascher) Ellis-Adam, Heliochrysis sphagnicola Pascher (Stylococcaceae, Rhizochrysidales), Lepochromulina calyx Scherffel, L. bursa Scherffel (Chrysococcaceae, Chromulinales) and Chrysoxys maior Skuja, forma (Ochromonadaceae, Ochromonadales). The local distribution in space and time of the species met in the area is briefly discussed.