This book is an extensive compilation of ecophysiological literature concerning halophytes (P. Albert, p. 33-215), calcicole and calcifuge, basiphilous and acidophilous plants (H. Kinzel, p. 216-380), serpentine plants (H. Kinzel & M. Weber, p. 381-410), peat-moor plants (E. Kusel – Fetzmann, p. 411-471), heavy metal plants (W, H. O, Ernst, p. 472-506), fluorine and selenium plants (W. H. O. Ernst, p. 507-519). In addition to the mineral metabolism of mainly higher plants, treated in an ecophysiological context, a description is given of the soil types concerned, including their origin and distribution on earth. The book is indeed of great value to colleagues involved in ecological and physiological research and/or in university education. It gives a fairly complete and up to date review of the impressive knowledge from both german and english written literature. In addition, the authors refer to reviews of less recent papers to give some insight into the history of some ecological views. In accordance with the objectives of the editor (p. 7), the authors do not smooth down differences in results or interpretations, thus making explicit current research problems which still have to be solved.