Six Scilla non-scripta/S. hispanica populations in The Netherlands have been investigated with regard to their morphology, reproduction, chromosomes and ecology. All six belong to the larger Dutch populations and are situated in the western part of The Netherlands, in man-made woods ( Alno-Padion vegetations) on former beach planes or beach walls. One population consists of S. non-scripta, another mainly of S. hispanica specimens. The other four are morphologically intermediate between the two taxa and hybrid swarms. Characters of the hybrids range from S. hispanica to S. non-scripta, but in general habit they are often more like the latter taxon. Reproduction in the populations is mainly by means of seeds. The chromosome number found in all populations is 2n = 16 (x = 8), while only some minor differences in shape and size of the chromosomes have been noted between S. non-scripta and S. hispanica. Finally it will be concluded that the two taxa are conspecific, and they will be given a new status. Basionym, type and synonyms of the two taxa will be given.