Stelleman (e.g. 1984) has shown that Plantago lanceolata appears to be dependent on animal pollen vectors for a maximum seed set, the ratio anemophily/ entomophily expressed as percentages of the total seed yield varying in relation to the kind of habitat. P. media probably attracts more insect pollinators (Leereveld et al. 1976), but conceivably depends to a certain extent on wind pollination. In order to assess the possible incidence of ambophily of the hoary plantain the method used by Stelleman was employed, but in addition to the fairly coarsemeshed screening devices used by him, very fine-meshed cages (as used by Jhnn-ISKENS et al. 1983) were employed. A small population of P. media is growing in our experimental garden in Amsterdam since 1975 and is now well-established. The clones originate from live individuals collected in Giessen (Hessia, G.F.R.) in 1975 and transplanted in the same year.