A single flush with water or dimethylsulfoxide of pistils from two cultivars of Easter lily did not remove all the exudate present in the stylar canal. From the total amount of dry matter obtained after 4 successive flushes carried out at 1 h intervals, the first removed 30-40% from cv. Arai No. 5 and 60-70% from cv. Mount Everest pistils. The second flush removed 52-54% from “Arai No. 5” and 28-32% from “Mt. Everest" pistils. “Arai No. 5” pistils from non-senescent flowers (0-4 days old) contained much less dry wt of flushable exudate than did pistils from senescent flowers (5-10 days old), but the exudate was richer in carbohydrate (60% vs 48% of the dry wt) and protein (3.4% vs 2.1%). “Mt. Everest” pistils, in comparison with the same age “Arai No. 5” pistils (5-10 days old), contained more total dry matter (3.6 mg) of flushable exudate with about the same protein content (2.5% vs 2.1%), but with a higher carbohydrate content (61% vs 48%).