Diagnosis: sporis maioribus nam 6-9 /an vice 5-7 /an diam., sporangiis altioribus nam 7-9 mm vice 2,5-5 mm altis, gracilibus, pullis (Rayner inter 9: umbrinus et 106: griseo-sepiaceus, vel Munsell 7, 5YR3/2-3: atrobrunneus), fasciculatisque a typo differens. This variety differs from the type by the larger spores (6-9 /an diam. instead of 5-7 /an) and by the larger (7-9 mm instead of 2,5-5 mm), slender and dark brown (between Rayner 9: umber and 106: Greyish sepia, or Munsell 7,5YR3/2- 3: dark brown) sporangia growing in tufts. Holotypus: Belgium, province of Limburg, Zonhoven, nature reserve “Slangebeekbron”: in a damp environment at the edge of a peat-bog, on a fallen, decorticated branch under birch-trees, 14 VII 1983. Holotypus: Bosselaers MY38 (private collection). Isotypus: Bosselaers MY38 (BR) and Nannenga-Bremekamp 13931.