Twelve species of terricolous microlichens from the Angmagssalik District, Southeast Greenland, are reported: Caloplaca friesii, C. livida, Lecanora boligera, Lecidea oligotropha and Leciophysma arctophila, which are new to the lichen flora of Greenland, Rinodina conradi, which is new to the eastcoast, and Baeomyces roseus, B. rufus, Buellia geophila, B. punctata. Caloplaca tornoensis and Mycoblastus tornoensis, new to Southeast Greenland. In a discussion of the greenlandic distribution, unpublished records from the herbarium of Copenhagen (C) are incorporated. Notes on the habitats are given and the pertinent phytosociological units indicated. Some morphological and anatomical characters are commented upon briefly.