Psathyrella is one of the largest and most “difficult” genera of the Agaricales (Basidiomycota, Fungi). It is related to the well known genus Coprinus (ink caps) and differs mainly by the not inking lamellae. Psathyrella species are not coprophilous (as are many Coprinus species), but are humicolous and occur in forests, lawns, marshes, dunes or burnt soils, or on wood. They are characterized by small or medium sized, umbrella-like caps often on relatively long and delicate stipes. The present study is based exclusively on specimens collected in the Netherlands, France and the British Isles. Species known from Germany or other parts of Europe are neglected. The author accepts 123 taxa as species or varieties. Useful keys, adequate descriptions and clear line drawings are provided. The genus is accepted in its classical delimitation and is subdivided into two subgenera and several partly new or newly delimited sections. This subdivision, based on easily recognizable characters, appears to be “natural” and without doubt is very useful. Several treatments on Psathyrella exist, but the identification of the European species has been, up to now, difficult or nearly impossible. Therefore the genus has often been neglected. This new treatment will improve this situation. The publication is printed on good, glossy paper and paperbound. New names and other new taxa are listed separately with the latin diagnoses. An index to all fungus names is given. The price of the book is reasonable.