This english translation of Chernovs book allows us to roam over the endless Russian Eurosiberian landscape north of tree growth and to get an idea about interactions of plants, animals and environmental factors. This book by the famous Russian zoological ecologist Chernov concisely compiles the results of his own work and field experience and that of other Russian ecologists. Thus we can not look in the Russian kitchen, but the meal prepared is tasty. The book contains 9 chapters. Chapter 2 is on what is meant by the term tundra and includes a nice map with the basic zonal landscapes of the Eurasian Arctic. Chapter 3 is on temperature and humidity emphasising the primary importance of the frost-free period for tundra life. Chapter 4 on diversity of tundra landscapes is very informative dealing with a.o. interesting (sub)arctic microrelief phenomena such as the mound-like “baid-zharakh”. Chapter 5 is on snow and its role in tundra life, chapter 6 on adaptation of organisms to tundra environment and chapter 7 on distribution of animals and plants.