This book will present all the literature about heavy metal plants in South Central Africa, i.e. Zaire, Zambia, and Zimbabwe with the aim of an increased accessibility of non-English papers to English readers. Due to the steady destruction of the heavy metal vegetation by mining activities such a synthesis on the origin and evolution, phytosociology, phytochemistry, and physiology of the heavy metal tolerant plants in Africa should be very welcome. It is a great disadvantage of this book, that the authors demonstrate a very superficial handling of data. According to figure 1, heavy metal plants are not present in Central and Western Europe; but even localities such as Sisenga (Drew & Reilly 1972) in Zambia are missing. Ernst (1974) should have described a plant association “Mohrio-Batopedinetum pulvinellati (Tab. 4.4), which he never has mentioned.