Hermanus Pieter Bottelier was born in 1910. He finished his Doctorate thesis cum laude in Utrecht in 1934. Appointed as lecturer of General Botany at Utrecht University from 1947 onwards, he was offered the chair of plant physiology at the Agricultural University of Indonesia at Bogor, where he worked in 1954 and 1955. Professor Bottelier was editor of Acta Botanica Neerlandica from 1967 to 1985 and was honorary member of the Royal Botanical Society of The Netherlands (KNBV) from 1970 onwards. He retired in 1976 and died on 17 April 1996. A legacy by the late Professor Dr H. P. Bottelier has enabled the KNBV to initiate the Fonds Stipendium Bottelier (Bottelier Scholarship Fund). This Fund provides members with scholarships that are intended to stimulate research in all areas of Botany by young scientists, to assist training of scientists in all areas of Botany, and to facilitate publication of scientific results.