The spiders, opilionids and pseudoscorpions of two sites (Oeversebosje and Oevermansbosje) east of Emmen (province of Drenthe) were investigated with the aid of pitfalls. The two sites lie only 500 m apart and both are forested sites now. The site Oeversebosje measures 8 hectares and is relatively young, while the second site, Oevermansbosje (2 hectares), apparently was already covered with trees in 1850. Altogether 98 species of spiders, 10 species of opilionids and one pseudoscorpion were collected. The two sites share only 37 spider species and seven opilionid species. Six spider species are recorded from Drenthe for the first time. The differences in faunal composition can possibly be explained by the different histories of the two sites and the differences in ecological parameters, such as extent of tree coverage and the amount of light passing through the crown layer.