A survey of the spider fauna of the nature reserve De Wrakelberg near Colmont, Province of Limburg, was carried out in 1981 with pitfall traps. The specimens were identified in 1985, but the results were never published. The reserve consists of limestone grassland and a small patch of forest. The occurrence of 77 species was established. The results are biased by the use pitfall traps as the only sampling technique. Ozyptila pullata (Thorell), Syedra gracilis (Menge), Centromerus leruthi Fage, Erigonella hiemalis (Blackwall), and Walckenaeria mitrata (Menge) were then found in the Netherlands for the first time. Ozyptila pullata (Thorell) and Centromerus leruthi Fage are indicated as species characteristic for limestone grassland.

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Nieuwsbrief SPINED

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P.J. van Helsdingen, & J. van Dalen. (2009). Spinnen van de Wrakelberg bij Simpelveld (Araneae). Nieuwsbrief SPINED, 26, 5–7.