A short inventory of the spider fauna of the European, European part of Turkey was carried out to collect additional distribution data for the Fauna Europaea database. The results of the inventory are compared with two available checklists for Turkey. Of the 77 species found during this inventory 53 had not been mentioned before from the European part of Turkey. Eleven species are recorded for Turkey for the first time: Araniella opisthographa (Kulcz.), Clubiona brevipes Blw., Clubiona pseudoneglecta Wunderl., Dictyna innocens Cbr., Lathys humilis (Blw.), Pirata tenuitarsis Sim., Trabea paradoxa Sim., Macaroeris nidicolens (Wlk.), Tetragnatha intermedia Kulcz., Crustulina guttata (Wid.), and Zora nemoralis (Blw.). The spider fauna of the European part of Turkey resembles that of Bulgaria.